How did they do that? Garage Opener Sensor

Sometimes things just work, because they work you don’t notice them.

The garage door sensors starting playing up, they would indicate that something was blocking the doorway, this has happened before when a wire was snagged and the 6v dc was not getting to the sensor.

Trying to realign the sensors seemed to indicate a similar issue. Moving the wire while holding the sensor, the detectors would work intermittently.

Tugging at the wires and watching the LEDs, the issues seemed to be around some twisted wires.

This is where the term “insulated wire” gets really interesting.

Both ends of the wire are visible, so what is the twist and why is it there.

Unwrapping the wire would reveal something I have never seen before, we can call it ‘innovative’.

Both wires joints were uninsulated, the wire wrapped around was to keep the bare wires apart and then insulate them from the bracket. A more interesting approach than electrical tape for sure.

It was the same on both side of the garage door, so at least there was consistency.

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