Rocky Mountain Slayer 2021 Spring Upgrade

The Rocky Mountain Slayer is an All Mountain bike that includes a rear spring suspension.

The spring that comes with the XL version of the bike comes with
Marzocchi Bomber CR | Steel Spring | Sealed Bearing Eyelet | 25x8mm F Hardware | All Sizes = 230x65mm .

Just for fun everything is in different units. 65mm = 2.55 Inches, the spring rating needs to be larger than 2.55.

The service manual states that the Bearing Eyelets need to be removed so that the spring can be replaced. The tool below is one of two recommended that are hard to find at this time.

Bearing Eyelet Removal Tool

The other option is to use a blind bearing puller set.

It turned out that neither was necessary on this XL model. Once the suspension was removed from the bike, loosening the spring allowed the retainer to be removed and the spring simple slid over the Bearing Eyelets with lots of room to spare.

The bike now rocks a 550/2.8″ spring from Worldwide Cyclery matched from the spring rate chart .

Fox SLS and Steel Spring Guide

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