Royal 1212x Shredder Repair

When a shredder won’t shred the 12 sheets inserted into and it stops feeding in both directions, what next?

Thankfully the maker space heroes had created an STL to solve the problems of their own.

Attempt 1

A PETG printed version was first tried. The print was created on a Lulzbot Mini 2 0.5mm with PETG.

The gear print came out well, but where the shaft fits into the gear needed cleaning out with needle files.

The gear was installed and worked for about 4 hours before again spinning.

A replacement part was also ordered from pac parts that was installed when it arrived. On opening the shredder, it became obvious that the gear was again stripped, but the stripped gear appeared to be caused by the motor mount being loose, one screw missing and 3 loose screws. Gear 1 (long thin gear on motor shaft) moving shredding the 3d printed gear, perhaps it would have lasted longer.

Newly installed part from Pac Parts.

Happened again, this time bought 2 of the parts from pac parts. 10 minutes and it’s up and running again.

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