Jeep Wrangler Clickety Click

The sequel to Snap, Crackle and Pop in now Jeep (140,000+ miles) clickety click. When the car is first started with the air blowing and after the car has stopped a clicking noise is coming from behind the glove compartment.

The noise sounds very much like a servo that has hit its limit but is still trying to push past.

After removing the glove box it was pretty easy to see that the noise was generated when the “Heater Blender door” was closing.

A quick google search revealed that it’s a problem other have also had and also others had fixed the problem easily themselves. Quotes for the repair were also little over $100.

This one, is close, but the wrong side of the car, my noise is passenger side, but you can hear the noise:

This fella has the same problem on the same side…

The replacement Actuator is less than $20 at the time of writing this at

Another video here:

and here:

Much like the problems described in the videos above, the spindle holding one of the gears in the actuator had snapped.

To get access the speaker needed removing. This required the side panel unclipping (which revealed broken clips), to remove two screws.

One more screw at the Botton of the glovebox (upside down), disconnect the electrical connector and then the speaker slides ungracefully out.

Getting the old actuator out was significantly more difficult than getting the new one in. Feeling around for the screw head and getting a good enough connection was a challenge. With the door fully open, I had to sit on the sill and work with my left hand to be able to reach.

The actuator on the passenger side is held on by two screws, one at the back (towards front of jeep) and one at the front. The screws are cross head screws with a 7mm hex head. After lots of fumbling around the rear screw was removed with a cross point bit and and a 1/4″ thumb ratchet drive.

The front screw was accessible with a 7mm socket on a 1/4″ ratchet, with 45 degree movements.

A collection of broken tool, jeep bits and the thumb ratchet drive. The broken socket parts are leftovers from a failed attempt to remove a stuck lug nut.

Update November 2022. When you think it’s all over and the scratches on your arms are healed it happens again, the new actuator starts making a similar but not the same noise a few months later ….

This time it proved a little more challenging to get out. One of the actuator brackets had broken and the piece was still screwed inside, fortunately the one that was easiest to reach.

The spigot was also still stuck in the mechanism in the jeep, that may also have been part of the issue.

The replacement I picked up for $34 at Advanced Auto. A different make, hopefully a little more resilient.

And just so I know exactly which tools I used so I don’t spend forever using the wrong ratchet that won’t fit….

What I would like to know, is why the Blend Door opens and closes so much just after starting the car….

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